15 Stupid Lottery Winners

From a woman winning a million dollars and not telling her husband about it, to people that won big and blew it all on cars and drugs, we take a look at 15 Stupid Lottery Winners!
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Wacky Wednesday


  • CaptainRay

    I’m surprised 15 people won the lottery, aren’t those things supposed to be near impossible to win?

    • bombomos

      CaptainRay the Florida lotto is won every year

    • Furlow Torent

      Well, that could be said for most states. But, it’s not by the same person ever I’m sure.  CA had one that actually went so long, it hit 1.5 billion dollars o.O….  I think it was 6 people won that one.

    • William Hartsock

      Some family here in Munford won 528 million dollars. Don’t remember when though.

  • art deco

    If I won, two words, well actually it’s three – Whisky and Whores.

  • Nyan Cat

    What I would do if I won? Give it to charity before I get robbed and another reason why? I’m 8

  • mashed potatoes

    if I ever won the lottery, I would pay off my student loan then spend the remaining $5 on a burger, chips and Pepsi at burger king

  • David Amrod

    I would use it to pay of my families bills, then buy a home… the rest? I would give about half of it away to aid and assist the homeless and use the rest to help the unemployed.

    • Greyshirk

      Not sure if that was supposed to be funny or serious…

    • Ernesto Gastelum

      +budder potato you can tell your just a kid if you say 10k a year will give you a comfortable life. thats less than the minimum wage here in the US. i get paid 26k a year and thats not enough to live a comfortable life. you would still need to worry about bills with 26k. luckily im not the only person who works in my family

    • SusBusGaming

      Ernesto Gastelum 26k is enough if you’re single and live in the middle of the country.

    • Solidsince76

      ” just give it ” you reckon lol, fair enough but that’s how you keep people in poverty

  • SonicChaos15

    God Forbid I win the lotto during a Steam Sale.

    • Predator

      bro i would spend every cent on a csgo gambling site.

    • mr42ndstblvd

      if i won 5 million id spend a million gambling one hand of black jack if i win i take the money and run and never enter another casino again

  • Danny D

    i’d buy the house i grew up in, and live there until i die.

    • DJ Rodriguez

      Danny D I would buy my ex girlfriend’s house. The one I loved and lost and not tell anyone.

    • Danny D

      i know how you feel. if you live near the home you grew up in,like i do,it’s a weird feeling seeing strangers living there. that’s the place i spent the first 18 yrs of my life. how dare someone else live there! i just want to throw them a wad of money and say get out of MY house.

    • ladynikkie

      that’s pretty good. I would buy my mother a new house while I live in the old one paid completely off, and still keep my job.

    • largol33t1

      I’d probably do that too. My parents’ first house was actually very nice although small. They had to sell it for a larger one and man that was one fugly house! I saw pictures of the previous house and couldn’t believe they sold it. It was white brick with a matching stucco roof. I loved the way it looked and wish I could buy it back.

  • AgyHD

    if i’d won the lottery i would say give me 0,5% of it every month and i’ll be happy

    • ImagineSquad Dark

      AgyHD so in 1 year you you would spend 6% and in 16 years and 8 months you would spend it all, would you save the rest you didn’t spend each month?

    • Konor Robinson

      I’m pretty sure he was talking about getting .5% from a bank or super safe investing. Which means the base money would still be there.

    • Boris Terekidi

      The inflation would make the winnings worth nothing over a period of time. Investing into something that gains in value is the smart thing to do. You can buy a lot of property and rent it out – as a result you’ll get money paid to you monthly (which you can use to live) and the property will be going up in value over time.

  • Drew R

    I’d buy an election to presidency.

  • xMiso12x

    why did the husband get everything? shes the one who won it

    • Randy Mabry

      nothing entitles him to “ALL” of it. this video is total bullshit!! Maybe, if he had a good lawyer, he might could get half but that’s it. no law anywhere says if you keep things from a spouse then they get all of it!!! Women (and men) for years have been opening secret savings accounts to leave their spouses!

    • john g

      xMiso12x Its hard to imagine the husband getting all of the money, unless by the time off the final court hearing,,” half” is all that was left,,so he got it.

    • Bubba X

      john g nope in some jurisdictions or all if you commit a money fraud durning marriage you forfeit the whole thing to spouse if she had disclosed he would’ve got half

    • runkittyrunwow

      The golden rule: “Do unto others that which you would want them to do unto you”. The simple fact that she was going to keep all of the money for herself and not give her husband a cent is enough reason for the judge to award it all to the husband.
      Let her walk in her husband’s shoes and see how she likes it 🙂

  • Pwnstar

    Is it so hard to just buy a house a car and live free till end of days ?

    • Richard Clark

      You don’t pay taxes on lottery wins – at least in UK or Europe you don’t.

    • badqct9

      You do in Europe but not in the UK (Yes i know uk is technically europe but Brits don’t really class themselves as European)

    • largol33t1

      +Pwnstar: Um, think about this: you decide “OK, the only thing I’ll do is replace my car.” Boom! New Mercedes in the garage, cost: $50,000
      “I think I could use an upgrade on the house, nothing too big.” Boom! New living room complete with in-home theater cost: $10,000
      “Okay, I”m almost done. But maybe I could use a new watch. Nothing too expensive” Boom! New Swiss watch cost: $20,000
      And that’s the end of the first month! cost: $80,000

      “Okay, I admit that was crazy but I could use a vacation” Boom! 2-week trip to the Bahamas at 5-star hotel’s penthouse cost: $20,000

      See how it becomes a cycle: they keep thinking “I could…” “That doesn’t look too expensive…” “I’ll stop after this…” And they keep spending and, a year later, they see their bank account has only $10,000 left and they’re scratching their heads on their $5,000 leather couch, wondering where the $5 million went…

  • Dylan Chamings

    How tf was the popcorn shop guy stupid, he got fucking shot in the back of the head????

    • stuknda80z

      stupid for having niggerz as friends

    • cerberus6t4

      because the people that killed him for the money didn’t even get the money and went to jail, they’re saying the relatives were stupid not the guy who won and got shot, don’t listen to the morons above me

    • colin frost

      stuknda80z so hate blacks, Asians, women, people who own dogs, cats or horses. Maybe you would do better just hating yourself

    • trueking of16

      There’s a deeper story they didn’t cover he left his wife for a young girl, married her, then cheated on with her sister whose boyfriend killed him

    • kabael1

      Youre missing the point, it doenst make you a stupid lottery winner, unless he bought the bride and payed her sister for sex. It just makes you a stupid human.

  • Kaan Dagdas

    What I’d do with the money:
    -Half of it donated to poor people somewhere
    -Keep around 300€ in my room
    -Rest is stored in the bank

  • Aldo De Gaetano

    I would still use my burger King coupons.

  • Schwarzer Ritter

    I would not spend my money in just a stupid way.
    Becaue I am too lazy. I mean, buying drugs, houses and cars. Just too much effort.

  • Gizzbit

    essentially I’d wear a mask and ask for anonymity had I won the lottery, then I’d set up a life for me and my lover and invest in a promising company so that I could gain more and set my kids up for life. but that’s just what I say now, you never know how you’ll act if you have more money than you know what to do with

  • xzenitramx666

    cocaine is expensive?

  • Andrew Tomson

    if I won I’d bi 20 baby finger implant on my but and 30 toes on my forehead. lel

  • Ramon Preston

    I can’t find my winning lottery ticket that I never bought!