5 Dumbest Lottery Winners Ever

From a 16 year old girl spending her winnings on her cocaine habit, to a woman that hit the jackpot twice only to lose it all to gambling. We take a look at 5 of the dumbest lottery winners ever!
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Wacky Wednesday


  • Jackson Higgins

    Dude u r cool can u say hi to me


    If I won the lottery I would spend it on useful things and give some to my family

    • Potato Noodle

      +OKKKKK I’d do the same and save the rest for college and retirement of my dad 🙂

    • Mobile games FTW

      +OKKKKK If I would win the lottery I would by a diamond knife and go to my ex-wifes house. Then I will slaughter her cats and choke her hamsters. Then I will leave the turtle alive with 1000 year supply of food. Cause why not? Anyway, then I shall wake her up and terrify her by showing her the pets I brutally murdered. Then I will shove toothpicks up her nostrils. Then…The fun part. I grab her by the teeth and rip them off one by one. Then i stare into her with an insane smile. I cut off her limbs and throw her against the door. Then before i do the best part i say. ”You shouldn’t of slept with jamie.” Then i shrink myself with the shrink ray i bought. And if you were wondering whos holding the shrink ray its the pale boy with the permanent smile. You know. Jeff. Anyway i go inside of her and i put insanely dangerous bug eggs in her lungs. And those bugs make her body rot from the inside-out. I also goto her brain and control it. I make her slam the head on the table until the knifes fall on her head. Then as she slowly dies as i exit and grow back to my original size. She says. ”Jamie and I said you are a moronic twit. Also jamie murdered you’re pet bunny” And she explodes. I scream. WHY DID YOU KILL CHEWCHEW JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • neobeta

      +Mobile games FTW You don’t need money for that dude. And by the way SEEK HELP NOW while you have a chance or you’ll just end up spending all your winnings on legal fees.

    • Mobile games FTW

      +neobeta Please tell me that you know i was kidding?

  • Altaïr Ibn-La´Ahad

    Why do they gamble when they have all the money in the world already?

    • linkzellda

      +MJW238 People normally are idiots which is why they gamble so much.

    • FlameRider

      Even if someone has 999 billion dollars, they will still want more and more. Humans can never have enough. They can control it, but deep inside, they want more.

    • neobeta

      +Altaïr Ibn-La´Ahad. Cause they stupid lol.

    • jimkillerx

      +Altaïr Ibn-La´Ahad Idiocity and Curiosity.

    • Sulfen

      Because they think that they’re the luckiest person on earth and they truly believe that they can pull that luck again and double or triple their money by gambling.

  • Hypno Toad

    If I ever win the lottery I would invest my money to never be poor again.
    And then, donate a bit to charities

    • Eating Everything

      Donate? Yeah right…

      Just kidding XD I would do the same

    • bcubed72

      +stealthiscool You invest it in a S+P 500 index fund or similar, doofus. ALL 500 companies would have to go under! How do you think all those wealthy “old money” families stay that way? Live off the gains; never touch the principal.

    • neobeta

      +Hypno Toad. Never donate to charity. Best thing to do is make your own small charity organization that puts into a bigger charity. Make sure you are in control of the money, 50 percent of all charities are run by corrupt organizations and most of the money go in greedy peoples pockets.

    • Sulfen

      You have to donate to charities. That’s the best way to get tax cuts. Besides, it’s always better for the money to go to a charity rather than the government.

  • xniosy

    There should be an intelligence test before you are allowed to buy a ticket.

    • Joe LoPiccolo

      +xniosy There should also be a thorough background investigation conducted before a nappy-headed half-breed imposter from Kenya is permitted to singlehandedly bring America down in ruin !

    • Eating Everything

      Why? If the stupid people don’t get lottery tickets the people who sell tickets don’t get any money XD

    • tyler89557

      +xniosy the intelligence test should be this
      whats 10 + 9
      Correct answer: 19
      incorrect answers: Fish 21 banana
      Neutral answers: any other number
      neutral = slightly intelligent ALLOWED
      incorrect = idiots ALLOWED
      correct = genius BANNED

    • ihazdaforks

      +xniosy It’s their choice and the money is going back into the system.

  • FiloPixie

    Stupid people + winning the lottery = Stupid rich people 
    Stupid rich people x 5 years = broke stupid people

  • Hayley Ralph

    I would share with my immediate family, then buy a property in the country and open an animal sanctuary to take care of rescued animals.

    • Blah Blah

      Yea do it for animals what about kids in Africa so I guess animals are humans I feel sorry for our future

    • MxFANTAZY00

      +Blah Blah kids in africa could of eaten that comment

    • KATINC93

      Can I just say, our winnings spent would be almost identical ! Lol. Except I’d buy multiple houses, and build animal sanctuaries in every country.

    • Erik Chavarin

      +Too Many Lemons Did you name yourself after your attitude? You sour twat. How did looks even get into this conversation? At least as a lottery winner she would contribute to something and not waste it only drugs and crap.

  • ast5515

    Winning the lottery ruins your life. 99% of the people can’t handle that much money. This is one of the reasons I don’t even try my luck at it. I’m generally not good at handling money, handling millions? Terrible idea.

    • DarkStarAZ

      It would definitely be a challenge. 
      One I would gladly embrace

    • So Slick Witit

      Challenge accepted

    • neobeta

      +ast5515 The first problem is, most people let the money handle them instead of the other way around. If you don’t trust yourself with money then just put it in the bank and leave it there. Put it in a bank away from you, like an out of the state bank and just have enough to live off each year placed into a bank near you. That way the money out of state is safely in a bank away from you and you’ll still have a means to survive. You can make arrangements with that out of state bank to place a set amount in a bank near you yearly or monthly.

    • Aliesha Barlow

      +neobeta How about instead of the bank giving you a certain amount, just choose the payment option and not the one time payment. I noticed that most people do not choose this option and lose a lot of the money they would have won.

    • Sulfen

      Just put it all into government bonds in pieces. Set them to expire a month apart from each other so that you get a large check every month but not large enough to ruin your life. If you can do that then get a financial advisor and tell them that you can’t handle that much money and they’ll make a plan for you.

  • Thefishoverlord

    If I won the lottery, I would buy a crappy, run-down trailer, buy basic essentials and a few luxury items, and invest the rest. And besides, who expects a millionaire to live in a crappy trailer? Anti-robbing mode.

    • Dylan Delnawaz

      +Thefishoverlord but actually, wouldn’t a trailer be easier to rob because there is basically no security

    • neobeta

      +Thefishoverlord The best thing to do is to find a bank with the highest interest rates and just put it in there. A million dollars depending on the highest interest rate can accumilate $52,500 yearly in interest. Multiply that per million and I’m sure you can live off of that without touching the base capital. Be aware though that each year you will have to also pay taxes out of that interest.

    • Sulfen

      That’s a bad plan. Trailer parks get robbed very frequently. You should instead get a middle class home in an area with little or no crime.

    • F U C K Y O U!

      Sulfen or just pay rent from $300 and work while being rich… which is great

  • Krunchy The Clown

    Jesus christ, we live in a society of fucking retards……..

  • TheMadBirdie

    $666,666 Every year…I’ll just let that sink in.

  • Mac Lazer

    >win lottery
    >buy thousands of lottery tickets
    >win lottery again

    • Explosi0n Monkey

      No there is a limit of how many lottery tickets you may buy for a lottery.

    • Mac Lazer

      +Explosi0n Monkey I assumed so lol

    • friendly heavy

      +Psyctrizan actually nah.. if there’s a limit to buy tickets then yes.. wasting money like that would suk.. i wouldn’t do it as its risky but if someone does it after winning a lottery and buys like 200 tickets.. there’s a very high chance he will win

    • Cyber [GD]

      +_ XxYamanxX _ Not at all a high chance, many people have done that and next thing you know they are livin on the streets

    • friendly heavy


  • Avalily

    If I won the lottery I would NOT give out my name- Imagine all the people who would be after you for all that money!

  • NotARacist

    Stupid people: Win the lottery

    Normal people: Don’t win

    Guess we should all act stupid then.

  • alisher1984

    Money does not cure stupidity. To paraphrase Judge Judy, riches fade, but dumb is forever.

  • Astroscope

    I won a small loan of a million dollars, and then I spent it on 1,000,000 McDonald’s cheeseburgers and ate them.

  • Jon Cross

    That last one sounds awfully similar, almost word for word with another channel.

  • shix1Resolve

    doesnt matter how much money anybody has, some people just dont know how to handle their own money lol

  • tsl3161991

    Michael Carrol didn’t get his job as a garbage man back after he lost his lottery winnings, he got a job at a biscuit factory in Scotland.