According to the 2012 Census (USA Quickfacts from the US Census Bureau) there are 313 Million people with 76.5% as adults. Using these figures, it is estimated that approximately 143.7 Million people play lottery each year.

But how many really win?

Over 32 million people in the UK alone play the National Lottery each week and buy an average of three tickets each time, despite the chances of winning being just one in 14 million.

The means that the jackpot chance is 1 in 13,983,816 or approximately 1 in 14 million.

Well, how likely is that you could be the 1 out of 14 million?

Very unlikely, yet you keep playing almost every week. Whether it’s superstition, habit or optimism, people, yes even you are hooked on playing the lottery.

What if you had the opportunity to take part in same lottery, using a proprietary system, where winning is more likely?

That is where social lotto come into play and LottoSpring is leading the way. LottoSpring is the google in the gaming industry.

And the mission of this site is to bring you general information about lotteries thereby drawing your attention to LottoSpring and at same time sensitizing many others about the services of Lottospring.

Lottospring is a leading social lottery, where you play in a syndicate with 99 other members, thereby enormously increasing your chances of winning.

LottoSrping also has what is called blitz tickets, with which you can never lose, as long as you hold such a ticket, even without matching a single number, you still win a money prize. How cool is that?

With LottoSpring, you win, when you win; you win when your friends win; you win, even when you lose.

LottoSpring even gives out free tickets to qualified players to give away for free. With the LottoSpring free Ticket, you can participate in a whole lotto game and have equal chances to hit the Jackpot.

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