Dino Lotto

Dino Lotto: A Whole New Lottery Has Landed

Dino Lotto is international as well as relatively new; it truly is designed to offer players the chance to get away with massive prizes with every single win. The lotto specialists at Play Euro Lotto created the Dino Lotto. Even though they primarily based the lottery on Euro Millions, the prizes given have been changed to offer players an even greater experience with larger prizes as well as a fixed jackpot volume of € 50 million.

DinoLotto is available to players from each and every country on earth. Nevertheless, should you be from the US, you cannot take part in the lotto. Furthermore, you must make sure that your nation is not on the UN sanctions list. An additional hindrance that could prevent you is in case gambling is not permitted in your country. In many countries, you need to be a minimum of 18 years to take part in gambling. It seems sensible simply because you would need a bank account which you could store your cash. But, that is not achievable if you are not 18 years old in the majority of countries.

What makes dino lotto completely different?

The individuals at Play Euro Lotto spend quite a lot of time speaking with fans of lotto. While they get feedback from lotto players, they cannot simply ignore it. They have learned that folks would love a lot more chances to win the huge prices. The Dino Lotto is dependent on EuroMillions, also it has similar draws. Hence, this lotto provides you with two extra probabilities to win big each and every week.

Why does the dino lotto jackpot certainly not change?

The majority of lotteries have a jackpot that increases with each rollover. After an individual hits the jackpot, the amount drops back to the bare minimum level. DinoLotto is never that way. The jackpot volume remains the same regardless of whether someone hits the jackpot or not. Even though it is not as big like the biggest lotteries, it gives much more than the jackpot worth of EuroJackpot or perhaps EuroMillions. The continuously high jackpot sum is a welcome alter from the unpredictable and even fluctuating jackpot sums of other lotteries.

What goes on whenever you win?

Every time you win a prize at Dino Lotto, you are going to immediately get an email telling you of the great news. For those who win a sizable prize, the organization will run certain security tests before sending the amount to your very own account.

What exactly is the money back guarantee?

In case it is the very first time that you are playing Dino Lotto, you really are lucky. The very first time you play, it will be free. To be eligible for this money back deal, you have to ensure that you put as many lines as is possible to the cart thereby making your purchase. In case none of your lines has won a prize, you are going to be refunded the total amount as a credit. You could then deploy it later to buy tickets which you think can help you win.

What on earth is the double jackpot feature?

This feature enables you to bet twice on each one lottery jackpot. As an illustration, if the draw is €50 million. Therefore, you bet appropriately on the result; you can win €100 million. Prizes for all other tiers will never change.

To turn on this feature, you simply must bet double the sum you would usually play. Which means that you will have to play €4 as opposed to €2 as an illustration.

How exactly do you withdraw your own amount

Withdrawing your own amount is pretty easy. After undergoing all the security features for massive wins, you could transfer your cash from the company’s account to your own bank account. And again, you could choose to keep the money in the PlayEuroLotto account and also continue trying your good luck at some big wins. You can never tell when it might be your lucky day.

How is the security?

PlayEuroLotto has got the duty to make sure that all the details, as well as information which you give to them, is managed in a highly undisclosed manner. The information is stored in a highly secure fashion. One security action that the organization has in place is always that they do not keep your card information on their internet servers. It lessens the chances that anybody can ever gain access to the information remotely.

Should you be worried about your information being leaked to third parties, please do not. The organization has a policy against unveiling the info you supply them to third parties.

How can you get the results?

Once you play, you could find the results online. The display of the outcomes would be a crucial feature particularly if you were busy all through the draw. It enables you to see if you have won any prize. On top of that, the organization will often send you a message acknowledging that have won a prize.

What exactly are the ticket deadlines?

To take part in the Dino Lotto, you need to participate your ticket by 18:45 CET. This gives ample time for the firm to put together data as well as hold the draw.

Every week day draw

The every weekday draw occurs each and every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 CET. At each draws, you stand an opportunity to win the jackpot sum of €50 million.

Tips on how to play dino lotto

To play IT, you are going to choose five numbers on the ticket, which range from 1 to 50. On top of that, you will additionally need to pick a couple of Dino numbers that range from 1 to 12. After that, you will need to wait for the bi-weekly draw conducted in Paris at 9 pm CET.

You could click on the Participation feature to pick a date as you want to take part in the draw. Furthermore, you can utilize the Randomize line feature to get the system randomly choose the number for you. Once you make payment, you are going to receive an affirmation email updating you that your payment has been gotten.

The DINO lotto also has two jackpots kept on Tuesdays and then Fridays. You are going to stand to get € 50 million with each one jackpot draw. The probability of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 139, 838,160. This great new lotto is based on the EuroMillions draw and players can play for a fixed €50 MILLION twice a week!

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