Formula 1 Lotto System

Formula 1 Lotto System Product

I did not realize that a lot of the lottery formulas and systems were documented in manuals that you had to read through and figure out on your own. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Formula 1 Lotto System that I discovered this. I thought that was interesting. Formula 1 Lotto System is a software program and not a manual and I guess that is what sets it apart from others.

In most of the lottery manuals, you have to learn the formulas and keep them in your head to calculate which numbers to play. The formulas are complicated and so you can make tons of mistakes and end up losing your money.

I was able to grab a copy of the Formula 1 Lotto System software and know for a fact that it does all the calculation for you. Who wants to walk around with a book of formulas? I know that I wouldn’t.

I have had the chance to play the lotteries many times and had never been able to win more than a couple hundred dollars.

So I wanted to test the Formula 1 Lotto System because of my skepticism.

I know that the lottery runs randomly and so I could not wrap my head around software that could break ‘the code,’ so to speak. The formula that I had tried from those other manuals I had just did not work, so I was ready to try something new.

I had never seen such a powerful tool before.

I was amazed at how ‘right on,’ target this software was. Because it is a software program that you can use on your computer, all you have to do is to install it and begin using it right away. It’s real easy to set up. All it takes is about five minutes and you’re ready to go.

When the software gives you the numbers, you can then go out and buy your lottery tickets with the numbers that the program gives to you, and then wait for your results. That is just what I did.

Do you want to know my results? To be honest with you, the first time, I did not win anything, so of course, I was a bit disappointed. I decided to really concentrate on this the next time around. I spent more time instead of hurriedly trying to get through the process.

When I checked the results, I was blown away to find I won a whopping $1643.00; which was 20 times more than I had spent on tickets, and more than I had ever won in all the years I have been playing lotto.

I began playing the lottery more often after than; sometimes, I would lose somtimes, but I won more than I lost.

So what I am saying to you is that you may not win money every time you play the lottery, but this is a ‘must-have,’ software to give you a better chance to win the lotteries when you do play.

From what I have experienced, the success rate is about 70%. On top of that, when you do lose, it should not be more than a few dollars here and there. Since you are going to win a lot more than you lose.

Now that I have used this software, I would not be without it.

The price tag is very cheap too, considering what it does,. However, the owner, Glen Hooke is offering additional bonus with your purchase. The other good things is that you get free updates to the software for life.

 You can check out the website here as see for yourself: click here

I would give this software a 8.9 out of 10; only because I am a perfectionist.