Mega Millions

How to Beat the Odds in Mega Millions

Do you feel like becoming a millionaire? Who would not want to have a fat bank account to buy the house of their dreams, travel around the world and pay all those troublesome debts? If you feel lucky, here are the steps to follow to buy the Mega Millions winning ticket.

The MegaMillions game format is similar to the lottos that are played elsewhere. It is of the type 5/56 + 1/46 (choose five numbers between 56 and an extra ball between 46). The Spanish lotus is 6/49, Euromillones is 5/50 + 2/9. Contestants can mark their numbers or buy the tickets and “stuffed by the machine” (supposedly, at random) at the points of sale.

The probability of winning the current version of MegaMillions is 1 in 175,711,536 (much less than in Euromillions, which is 1 in 74 million, or in Primitiva, 1 in 14 million). With the passage of time before the absence of winners accumulate in MegaMillions gigantic boats; The largest was $ 370 million.

Without being a mathematician, from my point of view, the analysis is a little simplistic but still very complete. Including in detail the variations in the rules/format of the MegaMillions throughout the time and seems very correct, as well as necessary: it is the type of analysis that many times is not done assuming that everything is well and sometimes not so well.

The example of this last one would be the well-known case of the roulette that has statistical biases due to physical deficiencies.

Some of Slashdot’s comments which is where I saw the mention of the work gives a factor not included in the work, and I really hoped it would have been included in such a complete study. But it is not: the well-known theory that Many people choose the same numbers and therefore those numbers are “worse.” He says that in Britain “it is known” that at least ten thousand people choose 1-2-3-4-5-6 each week as a combination of their bets – so the wisest thing would be not to play those numbers.

Mention the so-called “birthday effect” (many people use their favorite dates as numbers, so they better play numbers above 31). In Spain recently came out as a winning combination 1-2-4-8-9-24 and there were 14 times more winners than it would be normal to expect, so they had to distribute their winnings and played less.


Avoid common lottery numbers

Such as those used on television and in movies. Although using these numbers does not reduce your chances of winning, there are much more people who buy them. This implies that the well would be divided among a potentially large number of winners.

Choose numbers at random or include higher numbers

Again, your chances of winning do not change, but many people buy numbers for birthdays. This means that the numbers 1 to 31 is purchased more frequently, which increases your chances of dividing the well by buying numbers confined to these parameters.

Wait until the pot is high before you buy numbers

And then invest all the lottery money you saved in that big draw. To illustrate, if you bought a dollar bill for one hundred small drawings of US $ 5,000,000, then your recovery is the US $ 500,000 per dollar invested. If you spent that $ 100 on a single drawing of $ 250,000,000, your return is $ 2.5 million for every dollar invested. Of course, you can only win once in the second case, but with so many odds against you, you cannot expect multiple wins with the first case either.

Collect your money with your friends and colleagues and divide the winnings.

Although this reduces the money earned, your chances of winning increase by multiple draws.

The money you would normally invest

Take the money you would normally invest in Mega Millions and put it into a savings account, a CD or other stable investment vehicle. That’s the only way to actually beat the odds in Mega Millions, i.e., no play.

8 Tips to Win Mega Millions

  1. Odds and Pairs: It is very rare that combinations of numbers in the winning tickets consist solely of even numbers or odd numbers. Ideally, your chosen numbers should have a combination of 2/3 between odd and even numbers, or vice versa.
  2. High-low: Again, it is very rare that numerical combinations on winning tickets consist entirely of high or low numbers. The odds of winning are increased by making sure there is a heterogeneous mix of large and small number choices, chosen from among all possible options, not just certain ranges of numbers.
  3. Combinations chose: Analyze combinations that have gained in the past and eliminate those that have affected the least amount of times.
  4. Skip Combinations: Analyze the last five draws and find out how many were lost before someone won. Check the number of skipped draws and play the number in which a winner came out.
  5. Combination Summaries: Choose any five numbers that, when added, give a result between 106 and 179. These combinations are 70% more likely to win than any other.
  6. Hot Numbers: Analyze previous results – Numbers that have failed during the last six more matches are considered hot numbers and count for more than half of the winning numbers.
  7. Sequence Numbers: Do not restrict your choices to numbers based on simple arithmetic sequences such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. The odds of winning are increased by choosing numbers from the entire range available.
  8. Happy birthday: Do not limit your options to just family birthdays. YOU are aware that there are only 31 days in a month, so you are limiting your chances of winning. You must ask yourself,

You can not beat the odds in the Mega Millions lottery. Your chances of winning the pot are 1 at 175.711.536 regardless of your strategy. However, you can effectively beat the odds by increasing your cash return by winning or increasing the number of sweepstakes you have. Despite popular opinion, the numbers you choose have no effect on your chances of winning (but can alter the amount of money you win).

Tips & Warnings

Use only money destined for the Mega Millions lottery and never play until you are in financial difficulties.

You’ll probably never win.

If you do not have enough money, invest what you have on what matters: your family, health, food, and home.

Do not stop watching.

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