The Lottery Changed My Life (How I won the Lottery) YouTube

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  • Zachary McReynolds

    Theres really no secret to winning. Seriously only an idiot would buy in to this. Its all random when the numbers are picked.

  • N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery

    Quick picks do win thats not true at all !! Check missouri,s lottery and you will find proof !!!

    • Paul Scott

      +Carey Warrior Most of those Quick picks might have been free tickets as well. What Richard’s trying to say is do not buy quick picks. But if you win a free ticket(which is a quick pick) then it no problem at all. 

  • Sinaloa AirJordan

    That guy barely won 100k he got shut up on GMA as they ask a 100 million quick pick winner.

  • Calin Ly

    Lol you can’t be the president, they are selected not elected fool video.

  • Antwon Roberts

    How many times have unimaginable events happened to you and only you? Screw the odds! The universe is infinite those odds are pathetic when it is YOUR destiny at hand! All it takes is for YOU to either believe or not to believe. If it’s in your book of life that page will not be torn out.

  • Jakazu

    Dave if you don’t see me tomorrow this is why. After losing the lottery Then the guy loses his job gets cancer, goes into debt, and family gets murdered.

  • gretscher

    Maybe I am wrong but this Richard Lustig guy never won a big game jackpot. Did he or did he just win a 5 of 5 game? Not bad but I don’t think he won a Powerball or Mega Millions or Super Lotto. So is he an expert on how to win? Maybe.

  • Justin Southworth

    this post reinforces the belief that you can’t win and that the odds are against you.   people have used their will and creative powers to win.   it just seems impossible to those who don’t understand how to effectively manifest these things or have a belief structure not conducive with abundant thinking.    there are plenty of inspiring lottery stories online to help you win if you look on youtube.   this just isn’t one of them!

    • Penelope416

      Absolutely. It has nothing to do with statistics or math or science. It has everything to do with power of your subconcious mind. Your belief. The power in knowing.

  • PRO Hacker

    ?? How did I get to this part of YouTube

  • Ricardo Silva

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  • Delicia Potter

    Well,most of the people who has won won with quick pic.

  • mega0876

    He’s such a dumbass , Most of big winners are quick pick

  • Sheldon Cooper

    The odds are now 1 in 292 million. This creates a much bigger possibility for a billion dollar jackpot. It is almost certain Powerball billion will be within 10 years, probably 5, maybe in 2016!

  • Aloaargh